Exness withdrawal issues why error?

Exness is famous as fastest withdrawal forex broker. However, customers should also keep in mind that there will be many cases where withdrawal processing is refused or delayed with some of following situations.

Due to withdrawal more than current equity

Sometimes you think you have enough money to withdraw amount you want. However, because some of your orders are still active, your balance will fluctuate according to market fluctuations, resulting in less money in your account than you think. From there, withdrawal order failed.

Check to see if you still have any open positions that cause equity to fluctuate. You can also consider closing positions that appear to check balance on your account and then decide how much you want to withdraw.

Check your withdrawal. The amount you specify for withdrawal must always be in your account’s currency.

Be careful when your account still has open positions in a loss position that can lead to a stop out of your account if market fluctuates strongly against expectations.

Rejected by Exness due to how you made a deposit in your account history in past

Make sure you are making withdrawals proportional to your deposit and use same payment system for withdrawals and deposits. Exness has specified that any deposit and withdrawal of money into account must be done in the same way (for example, when depositing with Vietcombank card, withdrawal must also be transferred to Vietcombank card). Many people do not know this leads to Exness account refusing to withdraw money immediately.

Also, make sure there are currently no bank transfers or Bitcoin withdrawals pending.

Exness deposit and withdrawal processing system is faulty

If your Exness account is being blacklisted or hacked, then please contact Exness support and present it to billing so they can figure out best solution for your situation. This is yours.

Exness still has a withdrawal error on the system from time to time, but that is usually fixed within a day.

Due to change in processing time for withdrawal

This issue cannot be ruled out as Exness may change its deposit/withdrawal policy without prior notice. Maybe, on holidays, or the number of customers requesting too much, or any other reason.

Advantages of withdrawal/deposit at Exness

The platform provides traders with more satisfaction and convenience in transactions: For Vietnamese traders, you can deposit and withdraw Exness money via Ngan Luong, BIDV, Vietcombank, ACB, … in addition to Skrill payment methods. , Bitcoin, Visa and below are the withdrawal fees and processing times that you should be aware of.

Processing time on Exness payment methods

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