Exness social trading – Copy trading signals

Exness Social Trading (signal copy trading on exness) is a new product launched by Exness in March 2020. In just 3 months, number of traders participating in this program has reached more than 30000 people worldwide. In forex trading, signal copy trading system is not something new. There have been many programs on copying signals: copy trading MQL5, Etoro, Zulu Trade…, so what has made Exness social trading grow so fast and powerful?

Exness Social Trading is like Social Trading

Exness Social Trading is a very special program and is different from most other companies’ products. They create their own platform and set their own rules. For users, these changes are simpler and easier to use. Their platform targets real investors who don’t need to know how to trade. But they can apply investment strategies like other forms of investment: commodity trading, stock trading, derivatives…

What is Exness Social Trading?

What is Exness Social Trading

Social trading is a form of allowing investors around world to follow trades of other investors (not necessarily experts or professional traders). Social trading has same principles as social networks today, and you can imagine them as a social network for investors.

Through brokers, an Investor can review trades of other investors and make a decision whether to copy strategic process or not.

Purpose of basic social transactions is pretty clear: to create convenience. And help investors learn more experience. Beginners often don’t know how to properly use indicators, or don’t know much about effects of events from economic calendar. Therefore, they accept strategies and trends from more professional investors.

Advantages of Social trading platform

To start social trading with Exness, you need trading platforms shared by Exnes. Like other shared trading platforms, Exness social trading platform is full of strategy providers as well as leaderboards for copy-signers to find out what they want easily. easier. However, Exness takes some experience from previous brokers and makes their shared trading platform a lot better.

Exness social trading - Copy trading signals

Join social trading with exness, we will learn about broker’s shared trading platforms. Like other forex brokers, Exness social trading platform is full of strategy providers as well as copier charts to make it easier to find what they want. However, Exness has built a more complete, user-friendly platform.

Small minimum copy volume. To many people’s surprise, they cannot believe that forex trading is so small in volume. Because every trader knows that minimum trading volume of 0.01 is norm for all brokers.

Many strategies to follow

On average, in a month, Exness has more than tens of thousands of active customers. Therefore, there will be a lot of trading signals for investors to choose and cooperate with.

6 types of strategy that Exness:

  1. Most Copy Strategies
  2. Strategies with moderate risk
  3. Summary of profit each month
  4. Total profit in 3 months
  5. Strategies with low commissions
  6. Latest Signals

On the Exness social trading platform, often signal providers aim to be at the top of the charts and receive trading fees and profits from investors following their strategy. It can also be one of the disadvantages of social trading to which Exness Social Trading is no exception.

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