What is Tradingview? Guide use TradingView Pro free

TradingView is an indispensable tool for financial professionals, traders, and traders. TradingView has very intuitive stock chart analysis tools, forex, cryptocurrencies and other products that investors can refer to. For newbies, TradingView is a rather strange concept. The following article will help you better understand uses of TradingView and how to use this tool.

Introduction to Tradingview

What is TradingView? it is a platform providing analysis services of price charts on stock market, forex, cryptocurrency… leading in world today. With a wide range of customizations available, TradingView provides a smooth user experience that provides important market information.

Introduction to Tradingview

TradingView is considered as a social networking platform exclusively for traders with full features of roomchat, follow, like, share, comment on message boards. Number of members of TradingView is very large and growing, besides TradingView also has many professional traders who regularly share trading ideas. Thanks to that, users can monitor and refer to these analyzes to have right investment direction.

TradingView platform provides many types of charts with very useful functions that help users to observe a lot more overview than platforms on brokers. TradingView also supports many languages, as well as the worldwide trader community.

TradingView is web-based, so users can use platform anytime, anywhere. Users can store charts and review them on many different devices without having to reinstall all brokers’ charts. In addition, users can also share analytical charts, investment ideas that they like on Facebook page or on other social networking sites and websites easily.

Currently, TradingView has supported both mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems with all features. Users can go to CH Play or App Store to download TradingView.

TradingView account types

TradingView currently has 4 types of accounts for users including: Basic account, Pro account, Pro+ account, Premium account.

Free Account (Basic Account)

Users can choose to register for a TradingView account in accordance with their personal use needs.

If users do not need too much need to use charts for analysis, they can use Basic account. This account is completely free for users. However, you will have to accept being bothered by ads.

Premium Account (Pro Account, Pro+ Account, Premium Account)

This is order of TradingView’s premium accounts from low to high. Users will find it more convenient to use these types of accounts.

With a Premium account, users can view 8 charts at same time, while with a Basic account, users can only view 1 chart.

Basic and Pro accounts can only log in to 1 device at a time, but with Premium accounts, 5 devices can be logged in.

Basic account only allows users to save 1 chart while Premium version allows users to save unlimited charts.

Basic account is limited to only 3 indicators per chart and Premium account can use up to 25 indicators.

Các loại tài khoản trên Tradingview

Overview of TradingView interface

TradingView interface has a lot of useful features for users including:

  • Search toolbar: users can search for all resources on TradingView including charts of stocks, commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies and quotes from many brokers.
  • Ideas: TradingView will divide charts of trading ideas into many specific groups to help users easily search for ideas such as product ideas, trend analysis ideas, and Harmonic ideas. , ideas according to chart patterns, ideas according to technical indicators.
  • Market: includes a list of products on market arranged in specific categories, in each category will include sub-products.
  • Scripts: is an area full of trading tools such as Oscillators, Trend Analysis Tools, Moving Averages, and Volume Analysis tools.
  • Filter: is a tool of TradingView that allows users to filter products based on optional criteria. Products used filter include stocks, cryptocurrencies and Forex (forex). Users can filter by criteria such as percentage of volatility, volatility, rating up or down, trading volume, market capitalization, etc.
  • Broker: includes brokers integrated on TradingView, basic information, reviews from users and promotions and incentives.
  • Charts: users will access chart interface to view market indicators.

In addition, there will be an area containing information about TradingView such as introducing features and service prices, introducing website operating rules, admin team, Blog section and news, solutions for brokers .

TradingView account registration instructions

Cách đăng ký tài khoản TradingView miễn phí

  • Step 1: access link https://vn.tradingview.com/ and select Register button.
  • Step 2: select type of account you want to register, TradingView Basic account is free to use, and with remaining account types after registration, an electronic payment page will appear for you to pay.
  • Step 3: If you choose a Basic account, you can register an account by email or link to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… However, you should use email to avoid information theft. believe.
  • Step 4: Fill in necessary information to register including: email, unsigned username, password, click on box read and agree to terms and click on I’m not a robot , select Sign Up to complete process.
  • Step 5: Check your email and click on link to confirm TradingView’s email.

With these simple steps, you can already use a free TradingView account.

If you want to upgrade your account to take advantage of more features and get free use like Premium, Pro Account, Pro+ Account, you can open an account with a broker as VantageFX or Skilling.

Overview of how to use TradingView chart

Hướng dẫn tổng quan cách sử dụng biểu đồ TradingView

  • Item #1: Left Toolbar area contains all of TradingView’s drawing and measuring tools.
  • Item #2: Top Toolbar area is integrated with tools related to indicators, types of candles. These are indicators available if you want to use just add to chart, no need to draw, measure yourself like area 1.
  • Item #3: main chart area, contains charts and applies all TradingView tools and indicators for price analysis.
  • Sections #4 – 5: contain information of product selected and added by user himself. In addition, TradingView also integrates news and product prices for users to easily update. Users can choose item 5 to open chat features, join groups or economic calendars with other traders.
  • Item #6: Bottom Toolbar area with recording tools, open demo accounts with exchanges associated with TradingView and provide more market-related data for users.

Above are shares about TradingView and how to register and use a free account. Hope this article has provided useful information to help you answer questions about TradingView.