UgreenFX, Pi Network, Remitex are scam brokers

These days, scams are taking place a lot, not only the Forex market but all other industries. But, we only cover scams related to Forex or related financial markets, to let Forex beginners know and stay away from them.


UgreenFX is scam

UGreenFX is a forex broker established not long ago in China. The web address is without any exact information about the year of establishment, headquarters, office as well as operating license of the floor. If you are observant and see the attractive “prizes” and bonus programs appear on the ugreenfx page. The listed awards are exchanges received from 2015 to present. However, all the information and posts on the website have a recent history from July 2020. Just with the above information is posed, the question of the transparency of UGreenFx exchange provides. level?


Remitex is scam

Firstly, it is Remitex Company as we have discovered they have only been around since 2021. Main site:, this broker operates in the form of “game of money and faint”, gamblers will profit and lose. based on the round, green and red boxes, which means it is different from Forex trading. If you’ve heard the name of the scam company Wefinex, so is Remitex.

Remitex is operating in Vietnam, Bolivia, Chile to trick people who are greedy for money, do not understand the financial market and want to get rich.

PI Network

PI Network is scam

The next exchange that we want to mention is Pi Network.

You also don’t need to open the active app. The Pi doesn’t affect your phone’s performance, drain your battery, or use your network data.

Pi Network is a cryptocurrency that can only be mined or mined on phones. Mining through equipment consumes resources, and quickly reduces its lifespan. Then you will get “coin” and here it is “Pi” as it is a result or effort that you have done. In the end, you have to sell it to convert it to cash for consumption.

How does this work make money? it’s very simple, you just need a phone, download the Pi Network app with an account. Press the Start button daily and the PI mining process will take place even if your device is not connected to the internet.

Perhaps, it would be very bad if the value of Pi was set by Pi Network itself. Do you think that money can be earned so easily? Just sit there and have “money”?

Above are typical scam brokers, which we mean to every investor or beginner to forex trading.

A reputable Exness broker will help you recognize signs of fraud

Exness is also one of the famous Forex trading platforms around the world, especially in Asia. We’ll help you spot the signs of a scammer, if they’re posing as an Exness broker. The following information, will help you safer when trading.

  1. Only contact you by email with …
  2. Never ask for password and login account via email.
  3. Should contact via Live Chat channel available as soon as you access the website:

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