Update: Exness leverage changes

At end of August 2021, Exness increased leverage conditions for all accounts. This includes providing deep zero-market liquidity, reducing spreads and commissions, and cutting other transaction costs such as swaps.

Keep reading to learn more about these changes .

Floating Leverage List

We have changed working capital requirement for maximum leverage. These updates will be applied to major, minor, gold and silver forex pairs.

Working capital (USD) Maximum available leverage for MT4 and MT5 Exness
0 – 999 1 : unlimited
0 – 4,999 1 : 2000
5,000 – 29,999 1 : 1000
from 30000 usd or more 1 : 500

You should note that to minimize your exposure, margin requirement prior to publication of important economic news announcements will remain at 1:200.

And remember that you can always set custom leverage for these instruments in your “Personal Area”.

Fixed margin requirements for indices and energies

We also increase leverage Exnesss on instruments below.

Trading assets Fixed Leverage for MT4 and MT5 Exness
1:50 >> 1:200
Hong Kong 50 1:50 >> 1:200
Australia S&P ASX 200
Germany 30
France 40
Japan 225
EU Stocks 50
UK 100
US Wall Street 30
US SPX 500
US Tech 100
1:100 >> 1:200

Please note, fixed margin requirements for rare currencies, cryptocurrencies and stocks will remain at current levels.

We would like to emphasize that, even with these lower margin requirements, you should determine order size based on appropriate risk management strategies, relative to your working capital.

We would also like to remind you that Exness does not charge swaps or other maturity commissions for most of instruments listed.

Coupled with stability and competitiveness of spreads, this makes Exness’s trading terms a bit variable.

We hope you enjoy these latest updates. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team.

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