Exness minimum deposit ?

Minimum deposit at broker Exness is an issue that many people care about when considering choosing this broker. In another aspect, before they decide to participate in trading with any forex broker, experienced traders also want to be tested about Exness features such as spreads, execution times, payment systems. , cost… For testing, traders also don’t want to spend too much money. Therefore, question about Exness that we get most often is how much is minimum deposit of Exness?

Exness MT4 minimum deposit

What is minimum deposit at Exness?

Exness still offers traders extremely low minimum deposits for Standard Cent and Standard accounts. Then minimum deposit of Exness is only 10$.

10 usd is too little, how to trade?

Probably a lot of people will ask this question. 1 dollar is really too little. In fact, most traders have taken advantage of $10 benefit to test Exness’ deposit and withdrawal system. You may have heard that Exness is famous for its automatic, super-fast and multi-modal deposit and withdrawal system. So people always want to test this feature. On contrary, if you think these are just hype, try it now with only 10 dollars to verify above information.

It is true that no one can trade with only 10 dollars. Easy, you can open a Standard Cent account. This is an account type that can automatically convert your $1 into 100 cents for trading. Exness is one of few major forex brokers that still offers Cent accounts.

However, if you use 10$ on Standard account, Raw Spread with high leverage and open large orders. Your account can hit stop loss immediately but if they are on right track.

Why does Exness have a low deposit?

All major forex brokers on par with Exness do not allow low deposit levels, as their benefit from small clients is not enough to cover operating costs, However, Exness can Another marketing tactic. Not only that, hitting customer “likes to withdraw quickly” mentality and they built an automated system. Their traders can register, deposit, trade and withdraw automatically. As part of math system, this is done by an automated payment system, reducing operating costs.

Not only that, deposit and withdrawal rates at Exness are very competitive

Rules of withdrawal and deposit at Exness

Exness has separate rules regarding deposit and withdrawal procedures that traders should be aware of.

  1. Deposits and withdrawals are done 24/7. However, in some cases it will take longer to complete.
  2. Investors can only withdraw money to their own account. This is an Exness withdrawal regulation to limit money laundering and ensure financial security.
  3. On some international payment methods, making deposits/withdrawals at Exness may incur a fee that is not under control of Forex Exness. That cost can be a commission, a transaction fee from a credit card issuer or a payment method chosen by customer.
  4. 3rd parties are not paid at Exness. Also, Exness does not accept direct payments. All information about client transactions can be found in the “Personal Area” section of Exness accounts.
  5. Delay in processing deposit/withdrawal transaction will not be held responsible by Exness broker, especially due to payment method chosen by customer.
  6. In certain countries, Exness may set limits on available payments for Exness account types.
  7. Funds will be withdrawn proportionally to deposits deposited into account for trading with that payment method.
  8. Transaction processing times are subject to change without notice.

Some tips for withdrawing Exness

  • Amount withdrawn is equal to amount deposited in same payment method.
  • Withdrawal will follow order of priority of payment methods as follows: Master/Visa -> Bitcoin -> other methods
  • You can withdraw at any time with an amount equal to available margin in your Exness account shown in “Personal Area” section
  • Transaction history section will allow you to check status of transfer at any time.
  • Withdrawal fees at Exness are completely free. However, in Exness withdrawal regulations, some payment methods will require paying transaction fees and commissions
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