What is best Exness trading account type?

Exness is a Broker serving up to more than 30% market share in Asia. Exness is currently top largest forex broker, often standing at number 1 or equal to IC Markets.

Forex Exness Overview

Exness Group was founded in 2008 in Seychelles and England. Exness currently maintains 2 active branches:
Nymstar Limited authorized by Financial Services Authority (FSA) with license number SD025.
In European Union: Exness UK Ltd is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in United Kingdom. FCA is one of  most reputable financial regulators today.

As such, Exness obtains a “passport” across many EU member states. All regulatory information is published and can be easily searched on Google. Not only that, all revenue reports are audited by Deloitte – World’s largest independent auditing company, before being released to public. Everything at broker Exness is transparent, it can be considered as one of reliable brokers for you to trade.

Exness offers a suite of well-known trading platforms developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, including MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. Also, it offers a wide range of account types, making it more accessible. 101 forex pairs, 8 types of metal contracts, 4-10 types of cryptocurrencies, 6-20 types of energy contracts, …

After more than 10 years of existence in financial market Exness is currently largest retail forex broker in world with a total trading volume of up to 588 billion USD. Since 2016 until now, Exness has been recognized as forex broker with largest trading volume in world.

Not only that, Exness also offers very effective account security and lightning-fast withdrawals.

Frequently asked questions about Exness

Fastest withdrawal speed at Exness in world

Currently Exness offers world’s fastest deposit and withdrawal: 5-30 minutes to open some payment methods – almost instantaneous. Other than Exness, there is no forex broker that achieves instant withdrawal speed. Exness is also one of few brokers you can deposit and withdraw all day, public holidays, Saturday, Sunday…

Support local deposit and withdrawal portal

Provide payment via bank account of Vietnam, Recharge 0s – Instant ; Withdraw 0s – instant. All other forex brokers do not have this speed. Firstly, because technology of other brokers is inferior, secondly, because financial potential of the small broker is too weak. However, sometimes deposit and withdrawal takes 1-3 hours, but that is fast.

Neteller – Skrill: Deposit 0s – Instantly ; Withdraw 0s – immediately. This portal of PaySafe corporation. It is similar to Ngan Luong VN, according to West. Traders using this portal are also specialized professionals. If you are not familiar with it, please watch it, but do not try to use it.

Visa/Master card: Deposit 0s – Instantly, Withdraw 3-10 working days excluding Saturday and Sunday. Deposits and withdrawals are very expensive, usually 4% – 8% of total amount.

International bank transfer: How many days to deposit – how many days to withdraw. This gateway is for international bank transfers. As you transfer from bank to bank. Cost is also very expensive, about 3% – 6% of total amount. Time is very long.

Some other types of payment gateways are supported such as: Ailay, PM, WMZ, USDT, BTC, ETH… most of them are for professional traders.

Exness Trading Account include: Cent, Standard, Zero, Raw Spread, Pro

Exness is also a Dealing Desk, or Market Marker. There are 5 types of trading accounts such as: Cent, Standard, Zero, Raw Spread, Pro. Supported trading platforms: MT4 PC, MT4 Mobile, MT4 web, MT5 PC, MT5 Mobile, MT5 Web. However, you can try trading exness demo account before trading on real account

Standard and Cent Account

Raw Spread and Zero account

Pro Account

Standard Exness Account

Spread – difference in price is about (0.3 pips).
Low minimum deposit, just 1 USD
Leverage is huge to infinity, but may decrease depending on conditions
No commission fees
Minimum trading volume is only 0.01 Lot
Low margin warning / Close trade at a suitable level (60% / 0%)
Combine 2 types of instant order matching and market order, for better liquidity.
Trading products CFD
No limit on number of accounts opened


Standard Exness account is suitable for investors who have some knowledge and experience in Forex trading. Using Standard account, investors can easily trade with larger volume and use a variety of trading strategies on different accounts.

Pro Exness Account

Leverage is up to infinity, helping investors to make most of it to earn profits
Spread – Very low spread, only from 0.1 pips
Minimum order volume is as high as 0.1 lot
Account activation high requirement: 2000 USD
No commission charged
Low Margin Warning / Low Close
Combine 2 types of instant order matching and market order, for better liquidity.
Supported trading of CFD products

Pro Exness account is an account type for experienced and high volume investors. Due to very low spreads and high leverage, professional traders have less transaction costs and can capture more opportunities when trading with this Pro Exness account type.

Raw Spread Exness Account

ECN-style low spreads from 0.1 pips
Commission fee 7 USD/ Lot
Minimum capital to open an account is 200 USD
Flexible deposit methods
Minimum number of small positions, tradeable only 0.01 lot
maximum number of positions is very high, up to 2000, allowing investors to open many orders at same time.
Matching orders according to market prices, not having difficulty entering orders
There is no limit to number of accounts each person can open
Low leverage, only up to 1:200
Must have a hedging margin at 100%
Low Margin Warning / Close trade at high level (100% / 50%)
Do not trade CFD products

Raw Spread account is an account type for experienced investors who especially want to trade with low spreads and execute market orders.

Cent Exness Account

Low minimum deposit, just 1 USD
Leverage to infinity
No commission fees
Convenient top-up
Minimum trading volume is very low, only 0.01 lot cents.
Maximum number of orders is quite high, up to 1000 orders
No need for hedging margin
Low margin warning / Close trade at a suitable level (60% / 0%)
Spreads from 0.3 are on par with Standard accounts.
Do not trade CFD products

Exness Cent account is suitable for Forex traders who are just starting to learn trading, or testing EAs. With Cent account, investors only need to deposit a very small amount of capital to be able to trade Forex.

Zero Exness Account

Spread is close to fixed 0.0 pips
You have to pay commission from 7 USD/Lot depending on trading code.
Activating account only needs 200 USD
Small order opening volume, can trade only 0.01 lots
Maximum number of positions is very high, up to 2000 positions, allowing investors to open many orders at same time.
Instant and market order execution
Low Margin Warning / Close trade at high level (100% / 50%)

Zero Exness account is an account type for experienced investors and especially wants to trade with low spreads and no commissions.

Choose which Exness account type is best

Among above Exness account types, Cent, Standard accounts are suitable for new investors, while Zero, Raw Spread, Pro accounts are more suitable for experienced investors.

Choosing right type of Forex trading account will depend on an investor’s trading style. From there, investors can find profits more effectively in Forex market. But maybe Spread is low to make a profit, so I usually use Exness Raw Spread or maybe Zero.

However, if you do not want to lose commitment, you can choose Standard or Pro. If anyone likes fixed commision, choose Raw Spread. Traders who are new to practice can choose Cent

All in all, Exness offers a wide variety of accounts that cater to a wide range of traders.

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